About Me

Dear Reader
My name is Anasuya Rampalli Chitta. I am a software engineer, a mum and a restless observer. I have many things to tell the world and this blog is only a humble medium. I love reading, cooking and off late, I can knit too! My dream is to work towards improving education in the rural areas. I am a long way even to start but I will get there and make a difference, even if it is a very small difference. In the meanwhile, I would love to write better, think better and connect with you better. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section and we will have meaningful and educative conversations!

Here I am driving on the highway
Hearing a song about life
Looking at all the passing cars
Thinking of all those moments in past
that I thought would tear my life apart
but here I am driving on the highway
hearing a song about life, my life!
- Yours truly

Background picture courtesy: Sudeendra Chitta