Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sleep is a strange state. It is a state of body as well as mind. We can only fall asleep when we want to. When one is physically exhausted, one falls asleep. They say “slept like a log”. But there is no measure on how

Monday, February 23, 2009

tower 8

After Smitha left Wipro, and after Kunal was moved to support, I did indeed work quite hard on what we called “Process Tracker” in order to understand what we were trying to achieve by using all those complex “drops” and even more complex stored procedures. While I do acknowledge the help I received from Dasam Sandeepu and world famous (Akshay) and of course a couple of other people, tower 8 was of immense help.

summer afternoon

Tikki spent the whole afternoon collecting shells and sparkling bits of stone. He ran behind goats and crossed the stream over the small make shift bridge. It was a hot summer afternoon but amidst the coconut trees and paddy crop, it was cool and shady. He napped under a tall coconut tree while the farmhands ate their lunch. After his nap, Tikki ran behind the crows and tried to catch them. Sparrows are more cautious birds but the crows at the farm were bold and landed close to him. The farm hands never paid attention to the crows but Tikki was determined to grab one of the fat crows. After trying for a long time, he left the chase and ran behind squirrels. The squirrels had three stripes on their backs and long bushy tails. They seemed to look at him with their dark eyes. One looked like it smiled at him. He ran back to where his grandfather sat conversing with the tenant and asked why the squirrels had those light stripes. The tenant answered before his grandfather did and told him how a squirrel tried to help lord Rama build the bridge to Lanka. When lord Rama noticed, he affectionately stroked the squirrel with three of his fingers, which left their impressions. And since then, all squirrels that descended from that one had those stripes to show their lineage.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I was sent off to GM Account

I was sent off to GM Account (tower 8, b wing, first floor) the day I reported to Kiran Sitaram at Times of India building MG Road (Wipro office). I met a few people there and managed to make friends. I was still with my induction group for lunch and breakfast and Gowthaman Vayapuri would take me out for tea. He was my first friend in GM Account. I was doing small hands-on exercises in ICAN 5.0.1 and bugging Raghunath Nair. Then suddenly, Ramesh Rao told me that I am needed by Prakash Thimmappa Rao in MG Road for some tool they were developing. I was supposed to take the next inter office shuttle and report to Prakash at TOI Building, 4th floor. 10 days in the GM ODC and back to MG Road. “I made friends here man! There is no way I am leaving!” Well! I ate curd rice in the cafeteria (Kamat) and left to MG Road fretting about how lonely I am going to be. Today, after almost five years (it will be five in March), I felt exactly the same way coming from CTS BTP 6th floor to CTS BTP 3rd floor. Same butterfly like feeling in my stomach and similar apprehensions about me getting lonely. Well! It is not as bad as I thought it would be. Neither was MG Road :)