Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sleep is a strange state. It is a state of body as well as mind. We can only fall asleep when we want to. When one is physically exhausted, one falls asleep. They say “slept like a log”. But there is no measure on how
physically tired one should be. One can fall asleep just like that (like I do: P) or one can go on working in spite of being tired. This is made possible by the mind. Only when the mind decides that they, it and its companion the body, need sleep, do we actually fall asleep. However, the mind is also under the control of what we call the soul. I should say, I have become a gnani :P I have come to understand the concept of body, mind and soul. Well, that is how I decided to distinguish between A (the one who commands the body) and the one who commands A :) Having thus decided that there is something or somebody controlling mind and telling it what and how to do, it is easy to conclude that mind after all is not as powerful as we thought it was. It is only capable of functioning the way we (should we say our soul) want it to function. So if the soul said, “don’t think. Just sleep”, the mind would tell the body, “sleep”.

OK! I am a highly self realized individual, though it came a little late in my life, I am happy that finally I got it!

Did somebody say that a bolg can always be misconstrued to as an instrument for incessant ramblings by individuals who have lost it completely and write anything and everything they want with no respect towards the institution of “writing for recording”? I am sure they did!