Wednesday, August 27, 2008

conversation with a co-worker

It was 1:30 AM one Saturday and we were all on a night out trying to deliver some code. I heard my two team mates talk about God and interfered for I too wanted a break and what can be better than talking about God. One of them said, “I do not believe God exists”. I was shocked. It was such an ungodly hour and we were sitting from 9 AM Friday morning. That statement sent a chill down my spine. I asked him, “Did you pray to God when you gave your class 10 exams or your engineering entrance”. He said, “Ironically, I did! And such were the only times I ever prayed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Namma Bengaluru

Arti walked out of Natasha Golf View Apartments with Alochana and Alapana. Arti is happy. It is her twelfth wedding anniversary today and also the annual day at Alochana and Alapana's school. She is now going with them to participate in the PTM. The threesome walked down to the metro rail platform and waited for the train to Mysore. Arti had offered to drive them all to school so that they can enjoy the view up, but the kids insisted that it would take lesser time by the underground metro rail and moreover they were taught that mass public transit is the preferred means of transit.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


What is in a name? I might as well have named this post "toothpaste" or "shampoo". However, "Soap" occurred to me first and yes! I am talking about personal hygiene in general; perspiration and breath in specific.