Sunday, September 20, 2015

Read the review - Always

Read the review - Always
So, I was looking up the most popular books of 2015 on and came across this book that was rated 5 stars.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


International Literacy Day
When I was little, one of the teachers asked this question in class, “Which is heavier, one-kilo cotton or one-kilo iron?” For a second everyone thought “Iron” but then we figured out that both weigh 1 kilo, so neither is heavier than the other. In recent years however, I have begun to think that 1-kilo iron is definitely heavier than 1-kilo cotton, figuratively speaking of course.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Responsibility for ruin

Responsibility for ruin

Reading the newspaper this morning, it occurred to me that the world we live in is hot and volatile and our lifestyle is only speeding the degradation of quality-of-life.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The journey - 2

Short Story - The journey 2
Sitting at that deserted bus stop, she had disturbing thoughts. What will she do in a world so wide and cruel with no money, no support and no friends? How will she even survive?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Happiness and Love

If you ever read Jane Austen, who by the way is the greatest novelist of romantic fiction, you will realize what ruined generation after generation of women all over the world. I first read Jane Austen when I was fourteen. You know what teenage girls are like. They are impressionable and gullible. I read a lot of other books before I read “Pride and Prejudice” but “Pride and Prejudice” touched me in the hidden corners of my heart no other book ever did, and don’t even get me started on “Tess of D’Urbervilles”.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The journey - 1

Raahi walked towards the bus stop, her heart pounding in her ears, making her gulp several times in fear. A narrow lonely road is no place for a woman to be in these parts, especially after dark. She finally walked out of her life with a man that loved his work more than he loved his mistress in town. She had no place in his heart, let alone his life. She decided to walk away from that house and that life of waking up every day to empty halls and servants that pitied her more than they respected her. When she finally realized she was descending a bottomless valley of soulless existence, she left.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The destination

As the massive gates closed behind me, I realized that I had no place to go. The nearest hotel was five kilometers away and no taxis passed by the house after 7 PM. It was 2 minutes past midnight and I was as drunk as I could be. I had decided to move out and packed in frenzy lest my courage desert me. As the full extent of this move began to dawn on me, I considered going back to the comfort of familiarity. If I went back now, none would be the wiser except of course the home automation system and no body checks those records anyway since it has intruder alerts and alerts when new users are added.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The girl child

In the recent years, there has been a hue and cry about respecting and protecting women. There were numerous articles, photos, tweets, videos, and facebook posts all over the country. Men and women expressed several opinions, got involved in various controversies, abused others, got abused by others, some were publicly shamed and some shamed them all! All the while I wondered, had it not been for the social media, would 90 percent of these people have even thought about that rape, or this child abuse after they folded the newspaper. I still don't know. What I do know, is that sitting on a comfortable couch and writing about it or exhibiting outrage and anguish, much like what I am doing right now is never going to help.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Book review - Scion of Ikshvaku

Scion of Ikshvaku is the first book of Ram Chandra Series written by Amish Tripathi, an Author from India.

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In 376 pages, Amish carries his readers on a journey of adventure, romance and morals. All characters and their relationships in the book are taken from the Indian Epic Ramayana. The book, so far as the story progresses, meticulously covers all known characters from Ramayana giving them a unique personality, style and nature. Amish has been careful not to replicate the Epic but write his own story. This makes it intriguing and exiting to look at our favourite childhood heroes in a different yet delightful light. The imagination and care that went into this work of fiction is exemplary.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book review – Anna Karenina

I finished reading the book day before yesterday and yesterday, I had nothing to read! It takes a little getting-used-to to appreciate the language and style but once you get the hang of it, you cannot put it down.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


You know how they say you never forget how to swim no matter how long you haven’t been swimming. It is not true. You forget quite a lot of stuff. The good news though is that if you make the effort and have confidence, it comes back to you. Better news is that you get better at it than you were before. A bit of background will help here. I learned swimming eight years ago and swam continuously for 4 months. I only spent 5 days listening to my teacher (who was great by the way!) and practicing the breathing technique and hand and leg movements and then, that is all I did those 4 months.