Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Responsibility for ruin

Responsibility for ruin

Reading the newspaper this morning, it occurred to me that the world we live in is hot and volatile and our lifestyle is only speeding the degradation of quality-of-life.

Climate this year in Pune has been disturbing. Incredibly hot summer, scanty rain and it looks like it is going to be a really cold winter. Like Ned Stark ("Game of Thrones" fame) would say, "Winter is coming" and it is going to be very long, figuratively speaking.

On one hand we have natural disturbances like scanty rains and man made ruins like polluted rivers. On the other hand we have short wars with terrorists and the like. Kashmir is not a remote problem anymore to us down south. We have all felt and wept for the young children inducted into terrorism and killed before they hit their teenage. But we have never known the horror of seeing a child lying mutilated and dead in its mother's arms, or a father/mother getting killed in an explosion on his/her way home from work or even the less cataclysmic idea of not having enough water to drink or adequate food to eat.

We live in xx00 square-foot flats, with n bathrooms, aquagaurd et al for clean drinking water, and piped gas for cooking in comfort.We don't think twice before letting the water run while we brush our teeth or leaving the computer charger on over night. We don't even segregate trash as organic, recyclable and what-other-categories-I-know-not. We are used to comfort, going about in motor vehicles and continuous electricity. We are a pampered spoiled lot!

What if this war with all of these countries and groups like Pakistan, Bangladesh (has anyone breached the ceasefire yet?) terrorists from Pakistan, SriLankan rebels, our own naxalites and religious factions, and whatnot persists and continues till it has reduced our per-capita income, gross domestic product and depleted our natural resources to such an extent that we begin to live in a single bedroom apartment or even a studio apartment, walking to work(what kind of work, I cannot think of at this point) each day, eating just enough for sustenance and having to wait in queue to get 30 liters of drinking water. Ration shops will start functioning; commodities like rice, wheat, butter, oil and sugar will be rationed and it will be like those old English novels with German spies and the lot. There will be war on one side and on the other, families with ration cards and radios. Oooh! We might start using bicycles again and maybe even plant some trees.

Quite honestly, it doesn't sound so bad. I mean, as long as there are no air strikes, loot parties, and internal rebellion; murder and rape; and such. Right? Seriously, as I put down the news paper this morning, I was saddened by this gloomy idea that doom is right around the corner but now as I write this post, I feel maybe we are not yet done for. Sure, thousands will suffer and die but an order will emerge. The weak, which includes yours truly of-course, will be eliminated and the strong will emerge. Isn't that everybody's dream? A brave new world?

Maybe, the tile shouldn't be "Responsibility for ruin". It should be, "Tips for a quick rising of the Brave New World". Ha-ha!

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