Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matri Mandir

I have been thinking of writing this since the time I visited Matri Mandir at Auroville. Matri Mandir is not basically a holy place. It is a spiritual place. When I say holy, I mean a place of worship like a temple or a church or a Masjid.
Spiritual place is a place where one gets in contact with his/her inner self. Whether or not I got in touch with my inner self, I am still not sure. But yes, I indeed learnt that to start meditating, one needs to be exposed to suitable conditions. Matri Mandir is basically a gigantic sphere in which there are three levels. The ground level (I haven’t been here), the first level and the second level. It is worth noting that this sphere on the outer side is plated completely of Gold. We are requested not to touch anything at any of these levels in order to maintain the spick and span nature of the construction. We enter through level one and are handed a pair of clean white socks. And then we are led to the second floor over a spiral ramp. At the second level, there are twelve pillars amidst which is a circular cut crystal. Sun rays fall on the crystal from the top and that is the only source of light while you are seated there. The room is air conditioned. In short, the place looks like the sun has just risen and you are sitting all by yourself in the open. When sitting in that tranquil environment I could not but focus on the region between my eyebrows but quickly came out of the trance for it caused first pain. Had I endured the pain, I am sure the next stage would be calm. This reminds me of the theory of Brahma Randhra and Brahma Ghadiya elders used to talk. Strange! Nobody talks of such things these days! Anyway, the point is, I am starting to learn to meditate for which I need to wake with sunrise. Thank God! Sun rises at 6 in Bangalore :)

Who am I kidding? I know sunrise is not start of dawn. Dawn is at four AM. And four AM to four thirty AM is the Brahma Ghadiya I am talking about.

The little area between eyebrows is called Brahma Randhra. That is the point.

Let me try meditation. I am sure four AM is not happening with my boss wanting me to stay back at office quite often what with this market and Firangi people after my job! Quite a statement! Huh? Watch out for the next post “Firangi people after my job”!