Sunday, July 19, 2009

what do you speak at home

When friends ask me why I don’t watch Telugu movies, I simply say that my husband does not follow contemporary Telugu. But the real reason is this. I am not keen on watching them. Quite honestly, I am not keen on talking to current generation Telugu kids either. I am more comfortable communicating in English or even Hindi but not Telugu. Sounds bad! huh? Sounds like I am trying to disown something? Really, it is not what it seems to be. The reason I am not comfortable with Telugu or around Telugu people is that I am badly disappointed with the turn the colloquial form has taken. There are a lot of raunchy terms used in day to day conversation. A lot of children and adults do not even realise that it sounds bad. A lot of others think it is fashionable to speak thus. Somehow, I don’t agree. It happens many times that I don’t agree with things a lot of people seem to like and agree with. But this, I wouldn’t even put a caveat here and there that there might be a teeny – tiny possibility of me being wrong.

English is different. English always appealed to me as being masculine. But, Telugu to me is like a Goddess, beautiful, calm, and yet, powerful. I had always believed that there are only two forms of conversational Telugu. “Prakruti” and “Vikruti”. The form in vogue now seems to be “Vikara akruti”. If this means I am never going to speak Telugu, I don’t mind. But I am dead against usage of some words and some kind of grammar.

Another thing I cannot stand is speaking Telugu as if it is some kind of derived language. Some people make statements like "emi nuvvu doing" or "nenu busy gaa cooking". I find it highly revolting. The moment I read or hear such statements, I feel like a hundred caterpillars on my skin. Sorry folks! I do not intend to hurt anybody. But that is how I feel. Here too, I don't regret differing with majority of the population. Hybrids in language are just not in!