Tuesday, April 6, 2010

summer timeeeeeee

banana coffee
2 small amruta keli bananas (any two small extremely sweet bananas for that matter)
2 tables spoons cocoa powder (one small Dairy milk chocolate is better)
4 table spoons sugar
1/4 litre milk
1/4 litre water
4 cups vanilla ice cream (small cups - the 10 rupees quality cup size)
6.4 grams Nescafe sunrise premium powder (70% coffee 30% chicory - 100% coffee tastes better maybe!)
4 almonds
4 cashew nuts
2 dry anjeer (figs)

blend all together and put in the fridge.

consume when you feel like :) you may add ice cubes too.

Roti (Learnt in Chikmanglore)
Rice - 1/2 cup (that's right. Rice. Actually, cooked rice)
Make a rice ball by putting the rice in a blender or food processor (Do not add water).
Add 1/4 cup raw rice powder and enough salt.
Knead like you would knead wheat flour for roti.

Make lemon sized balls and roll like you would roll phulka (Use raw rice flour to dust while rolling).

cook on tawa exactly like you would cook phulka.

Serve with raw channa dal chutney (spicy chutney made of channa dal, garlic, tamarind, and red chilis) or with pappu (dal), koora (subji), and/or pulusu (?).

Now that is different :)


Keera (salad cucumber) - 1/2 piece
Mint leaves - 8
Peppercorns - 8
Salt - to taste

Roughly chop Mint leaves and Keera. Blend chopped mint leaves, keera, pepper and salt. Add a large cup of curd and blend again adding water. You may want to add cold water. Even otherwise, mint and keera along with curd are super coolers :)