Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I went near the window and looked out. What prompted me to go there? I don’t know but I saw a black cat. I hate cats. I tried to drench that cat with some water from the vase. I walked towards the chest of drawers. Instead of reaching for the vase,

I opened the second drawer and took out the loaded pistol. I walked back to the window. Time was twenty eight minutes past three. I lifted the pistol to my right temple and shot.

The alarm rang loudly and Lola stormed into my room, “Wake up daddy! Dreaming again huh?”

I woke up, dressed and entered Robert’s study. Robert stood there waiting with a maroon file. Ah! That Simpson Steel Plant deal! I told Robert to leave the file at the desk and summon Derek Storm. I wanted to discuss my dream with Derek. I was sure he would find an explanation. I wondered why I dream the same dream every night. Lola laughed when I told her. I hope she learns to keep her feelings to herself. Robert doesn’t seem to believe it too but I don’t care. I know Derek will help me.


Derek walked in looking angry but he spoke softly to Lola. Lola didn’t need to be consoled. She is a brave girl. Derek then called in Robert, Sir Albert’s wife Christine and Dr. Luke into the study. Dr. Luke was not only Sir Albert’s attending physician but is also a close friend of Derek.

He said, “A week ago, I was summoned by Sir Albert Dent to look into a little matter. I spoke to him in Robert’s room. He told me about his dream. I did not believe him”.

“But Derek! Albert is indeed dead. And he killed himself the same way he had dreamt” said Dr. Luke

Derek spoke slowly, “Dr. Luke, last week when Sir Albert spoke to me of his dream, he refused to admit me into his study and let me observe the scene in the dream. Imbecile that I was not to know why! He was wearing the famous patched dressing gown alright! But he did not sound like an eccentric industrialist. His dialogue, if I may call it that, sounded forced. It did not make an impact on me. I missed the whole point. But now, I know. I did not speak to Sir Albert. I spoke to Robert, his secretary.”

Derek turned to Christine, “Is it true madam that Miss Lola inherits all of Sir Albert’s fortune being his only daughter? And you, her step mother, get half a million?”

Christine spoke with warmth “Sir Albert married me three months after we first met at the Royal Theater. I was in love with Robert but consented to marry Sir Albert. It was said at that time that he would die of heart disease anytime soon. But to my spite, he lived on!!! I put up with his eccentricity and his haughty daughter but making Lola the sole heiress was the last straw. That is when Robert and I came up with the plan of doing away with Sir Albert. Making Derek our witness was a great idea but Derek saw through the plan”

Lola thanked Derek for bringing her father’s murderers to justice. Dr. Luke said to no one in general “Derek knows all! Wonder what would happen if he commits a crime!”


This is a re-write of a story originally written by Agatha Christie. "The Dream" is the title by original author.