Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Golden Earth

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It was the best of times; it was the worst of times
Some climbed the ladder of cognizance and paradigms
Was it a folly or a crime?
That some slid into a mine
Of deprivation and ignorance
And sheer human belligerence
Came heroes with their bows and arrows
Only to hang by the gallows
Later, some went to the moon
To conquer the galaxy soon
They denounced caste and creed
But had no power over greed
Buildings rose all over the earth
Only to find water in dearth
Of air and water, there was contamination
Among scholars and seers animation
“Save the earth!” said a master
“Beyond redemption!” bellowed the forecaster

Then came the young’un with his heart of gold
“I will plant trees and raise farms”, he told
His teacher smiled albeit a sad smile
Said she to him, “The world is hostile
With all their learning and all their riches
Humanity thinks they hold the switches
To abundance and affluence
To thwart the famine and create an effluence
But what use is gold and silver
Gems of color and metals that glitter
When one day the water is all salty
And seasons are all faulty
Depleting rains and fiery winters
Melting snowcaps and chilly summers”

But the young’un said, “Have fortitude!
For I am determined and have aptitude
To make humanity see their error
And open their eyes to the terror
Of indulgence and pestilence
Of precious and finite life’s sustenance”
So saying, he planted a seed
His mates copied his action with speed
And then in half a century, the earth was green again