Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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one day:

Chitti went to school that day without his school shoes on. The day before, he suffered a fall which caused a swollen thumb. Green house was doing assembly duty at that time and this big girl pulled him out of the line. Chitti decided to tell PT sir that his thumb hurts and hence he did not wear the shoe. PT sir did not believe him. Instead, he hit Chitti with his cane. Chitti felt humiliated that PT sir didn’t trust him.

another day:

Chitti sits next to Srikar and Mani in class. That day Chitti, Srikar, Mani, Kalyan and Raghu played Name-place-thing-animal during the lunch break. 6th period was history. Rajkumar sir was dictating notes. While walking amidst the benches, he spotted the rough note on the bench which Chitti used to play name-place-thing-animal. He punished Chitti for not paying attention in class even though Chitti told him that they had played during lunch break. Chitti spent the rest of the afternoon standing outside class along with Srikar and Mani. Rajkumar sir let Kalyan into class because Kalyan always gets first rank. Chitti complained to his father that Rajkumar sir did not trust him.

yet another day:

Chitti went to school from grandma’s house. They had stayed there the night before and his mother forgot to get the books from their house. The previous day, there was no Telugu period. Telugu miss started dictating notes and Chitti informed her that he did not get the class work note book because he got yesterday’s time table. He did not have books as per today’s timetable. Telugu miss did not believe what he said. She made fun of him. Chitti was hurt because he felt that he did not deserve to be made fun of.

Background picture courtesy: Sudeendra Chitta