Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MJ finds Sweety

I don't know why Raji and Anu keep using real names for stories but I think it is fun. So, I am using our beloved MJ and Sree's names :P Although here, Sree is the name of the girl :D (Do I hear a protest? NO? Sree! What is wrong with you? :evil:)

Sree came out of the air port expectantly. Her eyes scanned the men and women waiting outside to see if MJ had turned up.
She had never seen him of course but she knew she would recognize him by his gigantic watch and spectacles.


To her right, she saw someone hurriedly coming towards her and to her delight, it was MJ. She opened her arms and held him in a warm embrace and said gently in his ear, "Well well well! Aren't we drunk!" MJ said smiling sheepishly, "Hey! It is just a couple of beers". (lol! MJ and beer! Imagine THAT!) (Okay! I am not supposed to be making fun of my story. Back on track)


He took her bag and they started walking. She asked him, "Is there anything to eat at home? I am starving". MJ just walked. He didn't answer. He couldn't believe what was happening. Sree comes to Chennai and goes to his house instead of the guest house! Whoa! Isn't that a dream come true! And Sree was saying, "I really hope to wake up on time tomorrow. Or I will never reach office by 9:00. What is with all these tech parks situated in some God forsaken forest anyway! And there is Raji to meet. You reckon she will like me?" MJ's mind was still wandering. "Sree! Sree at my place. Oh what fun!! We could think up insults for almost all my team mates".


When they finally reached his house, it was quarter past 12. He said, "You should really take the train and go straight to office next time on. Look! We will never get to the bus stop on time tomorrow". Sree laughed aloud. Of course, he always pulled her leg. Didn't he/ MJ feigned panic "Don't laugh. You will wake the household and a dozen neighbors. They will begin to gossip about what I am doing with a girl in the dead of the night". She laughed again.


They managed to get to office alright and Sree was anxious to get out by 5:30. First day on deputation and leaving at 5:30! She ignored all those hostile glances the vertical folks gave and happily slipped out of the ODC. She was due to meet another friend she never saw before. Raji too worked in the same office but she had a production release the day before and had only left office at 9 AM. So, she was on a compensatory off. Sree and MJ hopped into the Chennai shared auto (for more on Chennai shared autos, please read Raji's blog) and got off at some signal. MJ expertly navigated her through the traffic and they reached Indijoe at 19:00 hours sharp. Raji was already there waving at them with a biggggggg toothy smile that extended to her small eyes (hey! Anu said it first :P).


MJ and Raji knew each other of course. They even had an almost serious fling when Raji decided he was no good and dumped him for Kinger. MJ never showed it but he was deeply hurt when Raji casually said, "Hey MJ! What do you think of that new boy Kinger? I think I like him". He was so distraught that he couldn't concentrate on his world saving project (shhhhh that is a secret project and I am not at liberty to disclose what his "applications" do or if they do anything at all). That is when he checked out Sree's blog. Uff! (Okay! Thus expression is sooooo MJish) She was so charming in her posts. He even went to the extent of pinging her and saying "Hi Sreelatha! My name is MJ and I am a good boy. I like your blog posts a lot". Sree was totally flattered. And as they started chatting, they discovered how alike they are. MJ still flinched at the mention of Raji but he was happy talking to Sree.


So when finally they all got to the table, Sree decided that she would treat the two of them. MJ, she thought, is such a sweet friend and Raji is so awesome! (:P) As they were placing their orders, Nive, Megs, Sound, Mouli, Nithy, Kunal and Kinger walked in. they we so surprised to see MJ with Sree and Raji. Sree noticed a gleam in Kinger's eyes which lasted but a moment. She knew what he was thinking. But the others noticed Sree. Sree was so happy too. She hugged Nive, megs and Sound and said hello to Mouli, Nithy, Kunal and Kinger. It was MJ's turn to turn red all over. He was livid. He hissed after they left to a far corner table, "You hugged all of them and you hugged me! What was all that rot about me being your best friend and all?" Sree was upset too. She tried convincing him that they were friends and chat everyday in LR. MJ wasn't to listen. Raji decided to join Kinger lest he he turn permanently green. She silently left the table and joined the gang in the corner.


MJ, still mad, decided not to eat. Sree paid for two untouched sizzlers. She was too upset to say any thing. She told him to take her home, "I will clear out tomorrow. You are such a stupid ass!"


So, MJ and Sree reached home and she was still trembling in rage. MJ, meanwhile, sitting at the corner of share auto was thinking, "Hey! What did Sree do wrong? Why can't she be affectionate to her friends? After all! They talked everyday and had been in the SPTP (super proficient tamil ponnu) league for ages. And she never even shook hands with any of the boys!" as they were climbing up the stairs to his small electricity devoid room on the terrace, he held her hand. She stopped and looked down at him. He was chocking with emotion. He said, "Stay! Please stay" and hugged her and kissed her long, deep and affectionate! That's when Sree yelled, "Let go of me man! What are you doing? MJ! Wake up. Waaaaaaaaake up! I am Sreeram da! What will the girls say if they get to know? What will Kinger say! What will Su think????????" Then there was a catch in his voice, "Why MJ? Why? You should have told me before I married that girl Su!"




PS: I wanted to post this before you folks turn up and typing this at 4 AM without waking Nithin was a feet guys. Go easy on me! :)