Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Love

Sunny reached the main road and turned right. All he had to do was reach the park and cross the road. The sight of the early morning tide crashing against the rocky barricade is enough to inspire him to run. But the ten minute jog
to the beach felt like eternity. He thought wistfully, "I wish she doesn't keep me till midnight throwing silly puzzles at me".


Anu and Sam were waiting at the park. It was Anu who saw him first, a year ago. She fell in love with him immediately. She couldn't wait to share the news with Sam. Sam too saw him a week later and confessed to Anu, "I love him too!" Anu said nothing but today, after a year, she wished Sam hadn't fallen in love with Sunny. She was feeling a bit possessive. But she didn't mention this to Sam. He hadn't noticed either of them anyway. So, there was no point hurting her friend. But today Sunny noticed. He slowed down and then suddenly went faster. Sam and Anu followed suit. He smiled. They giggled nervously. They followed him from a distance and never made an attempt to conceal their interest.


Sunny went back to work. There was no one in the two adjoining cubicles and this started to get to him. He was used to company and having fun. Now, there is no one to talk to, no internet and OCS and no one to accompany him for lunch. He eagerly waited for the day to pass and went home early. He forgot all about Anu and Sam. He chatted with her again till midnight and fell asleep at his desk.


At dawn, his father woke him up. "Sunny! Go for your run boy!" Sunny wanted to sleep for another five minutes but his father wouldn't let him. Sunny woke up and showered. He always showered and went for his jog. It made him feel healthier and happier. What he didn't realize was that his clean looks were what attracted Anu and Sam towards him in the first place. He walked out of his house counting each moment before he set eyes on the tide and he suddenly picked up pace. He was happy again running. He felt no tiresomeness and he didn't curse her for keeping him up so long.


Anu and Sam followed him again. This time, they were happily getting closer and closer and he didn't mind. But the rest of the day, he never even thought of them. They realized that too. Once Anu remarked, "I wish he thinks of me once in a while. There must be so many people at his office and so many beautiful girls among them". Sam said, "I wish he thinks of us both. We are best friends. We can both have him". Anu agreed knowing fully well that it was never going to happen. They were just to jog with him in the mornings. And they prayed that he came everyday. Now that was difficult. If one day his dad goes easy on him, he was sure to miss at least a week before he turned up again.


As months passed, Anu and Sam got bolder and started following Sunny and he didn't mind. And he thought of them too. He couldn't make up his mind which of them was prettier or which of them had the most beautiful large brown eyes. One evening at dinner he remarked to his dad, "I wish I could have them both. Do you want to meet them?" his father was not impressed. "Both of them?" He wasn't happy. Sunny clearly stated his decision. "I am not happy having one or the other. I need the two of them and I am having them. They are coming home with me tomorrow."


His father muttered something under his breath that sounded like bitch. Sunny glared and left the room.


The next day, he walked to them. They were surprised and excited. He told them, "Look! I don't know your names but I spoke to my dad. And I want you to come home with me. I love you both".


Anu and Sam were first shocked and then thrilled. They looked unbelievingly at him and he held his arms wide open. They hugged him and kissed him and wagged their tails.




That is how Sunny got his two pets at the same time.