Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a day at office

Having unveiled my identity in my first post, a part of me is reluctant to go ahead with this one. But the other part says, "Come on! Go ahead! I never knew you cared so much!!!!!" Workplace and projects give us an opportunity to watch people from close quarters. We meet several people and perceive a lot of things. We like a few of them and are indifferent to others. And a few others, we would rather avoid. And those are the people closest to you. They appear everywhere. Your peers, managers, and your sub-ordinates. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the irony of life! A co-worker who you can put up with is almost always a member of the other team and another one who you can never stand is either your manager or your subordinate. The ones in the manager's category are more annoying than anybody else you have ever ever known. Or do you think, I am over reacting? Having been lucky enough to have managers who wouldn't need anything beyond a second explanation so far, I find it rather exasperating to hang around with pea brains and teach them basics (which, incidentally, is called a discussion) and in the end be tagged as being mentored by one of these buffs. Honestly, I am no great a techie myself, but hang on there! which one of you here is better than me?