Thursday, June 19, 2008

as i climbed to fourth floor today

"You do not know what it feels like when your mother is out of town for four months! I know how it feels. My mother is still not home" sobs..

I have read numerous forwards about men and women working like there is no tomorrow. I know several people who earn astronomical amounts and are still scared of treating a colleague at the Punjabi dhaba behind I-Flex. Where does the money go? Home loan EMI, Credit card bills, car loan, mutual funds, share bazar and what not?

My mother never completed her graduation. She never knew what it means to work and earn money. My father retired from a bank. They are content. Well! almost!

Children do not play in the rock garden these days. There is some repair activity going on. They play near the swimming pool. That is how you get to hear what they are talking amongst themselves. They are almost as worried as we elders are. We are worried about our money and jobs. They worry about when mom and dad come home, about whether mom and dad will go to the movie along with them this weekend. Did I say they are almost as worried? I should have said, they are a lot more worried than we elders are

"You do not know what it feels..." aaah! it hurts! it really does!

Background picture courtesy: Sudeendra Chitta