Friday, June 20, 2008

on my way to office

A week ago, I went to office in an auto rikshaw. There is nothing new about it. I saw a water tanker parked on one of the roads. It was leaking. Nothing new about that either. Yesterday I read that Bangalore is saturated and hence IT companies have been advised to move to tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Mysore and Dhavangere.
Good news! Infrastructure will improve in these places. They will one day be as highly sophisticated as Bangalore! But what infrastructure in Bangalore is sophisticated? Roads? Airport? I racked my brains trying to find out which part of Bangalore is sophisticated. On my way to office today, my thoughts go back to that water tanker and on the other hand, I am wondering how Mysore is going to look like in five years to come. And then I recollect that mail which is perpetually under circulation. That mail with the photograph of an ailing African child and the waiting vulture. The first thing on the mind of the viewer is, "how insensitive could the photographer have been!" I can not help but wonder how insensitive all of us are. With places in India where people crave for a morsel of food and a hearty gulp of water, we still don't care about how much water leaks from our overhead tanks. The fact that there is a water tanker it self means new-Tippasandra has drinking water scarcity. And still nobody stops to question the water leakage. I did not stop either. How insensitive had I been! Or is insensitivity my nature!?!